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Did you know that traffic is often the biggest source of CO2 emissions? And yet the average car is parked, unused, for 23 hours a day? By switching to an electric vehicle no less than 4 to 5 internal combustion (diesel and petrol) vehicles can be taken off the road.

Our goal is therefore to encourage the use of electric shared vehicles and bicycles. This will speed up the transition to fossil-free mobility.


We are GoodMoovs and we make sharing electric vehicles easy, reliable and accessible from your smartphone. We want people to share electric mobility and encourage behavioural change. In addition, we offer a unique solution for complex mobility challenges. It is important to us that we accelerate the energy transition. We also want to reduce CO2 emissions by charging the electric vehicles with sustainably and locally generated electricity.

We are a key player in the market when it comes to offering shared electric vehicles. As a professional service with strong sector experience we currently work across the public and private sectors. In addition to the car sharing service we provide a full support service, for example with our 24×7 helpdesk and individual support.

Currently we provide 205 electric shared vehicles (with a range of up to 400 km) and 75 shared e-bikes available at 40 locations in 17 Dutch cities and villages. Each month this number increases, and we have started our operations in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom as well.



We have an innovative and user-friendly sharing platform that is available as a web version and as an app for Android and iPhone. This allows users to reserve, access and return electric vehicles and bicycles and manage mobility behaviour. GoodMoovs does not have its own fleet but connects (existing) e-vehicles. This way we ensure that the use of every vehicle is optimised. A conventional key is not required to unlock or start the vehicle, all the driver needs is a smartphone. Questions and issues can be reported to our all hours helpdesk.

1. Reservation via app or

2. Access with your smartphone

3. Driving or cycling and earning GoodMoovs

4. Return the vehicle with a smartphone

5. Charging with sustainably generated power


We believe in clean, sustainable and green mobility: GoodMoovs. In this way, mobility does not have to be more damaging for our environment. We want to make electric mobility accessible and attractive to everyone. This makes it a cheaper, greener, easier and healthier alternative to fossil mobility.

And, we will go even further. For example, we plan to deploy self-driving shared cars as they become available. We also want to charge electric vehicles with locally generated solar energy. In the future, our electric shared cars will also be able to return electricity to the grid. With these new business models, the cost per kilometre travelled will be further reduced. In turn this promotes the stability of the power network, which is essential when millions of vehicles and solar panels are connected at the same time.

5 advantages of GoodMoovs

  1. Economical: no more expensive and often even cheaper than vehicles powered by fossil fuels
  2. Environmentally friendly: a smaller CO2 footprint and no air pollution
  3. Support: a 24/7 helpdesk, user-friendly app and customized transition plan
  4. Practical: our platform is a comprehensive route registration and we have calculation modules to meet the BiK (tax) regulations
  5. Good example: employers offer a sustainable means of transport that can also be used privately

In 4 steps to fossil fuel free mobility






Can you drive a GoodMoovs electric vehicle in a private capacity, in other words not for business purposes? Of course that’s possible. In fact, we encourage it. Because through private use the utility rate of a car increases. And this will decrease the costs per kilometre. An electric engine hardly wears through intensive use, making the extra kilometres driven very economical. Electric driving becomes even cheaper than fossil driving.

Do companies and individuals wish to jointly use electric shared vehicles? Then the establishment of a cooperative company can be a solution. We have experience in starting up cooperative companies and can therefore optimally support new initiatives. In addition, we have agreement with the Tax Authorities about the addition rules. As a result, there is no risk of additional charges due to private use when you use the share car of your employer.


  • Book a car or bicycle directly
  • Access and Return your vehicle choice with the app
  • View the personal dashboard via
Download hier de iPhone App
Download hier de Android App


Do you want to drive electric? Do you want to share electric vehicles with colleagues, other companies and/or neighbours? Do you have a question or do you have an idea to make mobility even more sustainable?

Tell us!

We would love to hear from you via the contact form below.

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